Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD TV and LED TV

At this moment, most homeowners equip their home with television. This electronic product is the right electronic product that us feel happy, get updated information, have new inspiration, and even enlarge knowledge.

Talking about television, do you know what types of television that are used by many people now? If you don’t, there are two types of television that are popular in society: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV and LED TV. These televisions are produced by various popular vendors, such as: LG, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc. They have different advantages and disadvantages, such as:

  1. LCD TV
    Advantages of LCD TV are:

    • Produce more realistic picture display because this television produce black and colorful picture by selecting light that is emitted by CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) technology.
    • Have anti-glare technology to support picture display.
    • Be available from small size (17 inches) to big size (80 inches).
    • Not to produce any radiation so you and your family can watch movies or videos comfortably.
    • Be able to use as computer monitor because LCD TV is equipped with HDMI port that enables you to connect computer to this television.
    • Save electric power because it needs lower electric power so you can reduce electricity cost per month.

    Disadvantages of LCD TV are:

    • Get low picture quality problem if this television is seen from wide viewing angle.
    • Have low quality refresh rate and response time so sometimes this television produces blur picture display.
  2. LED TV
    Advantages of LED TV are:

    • Have higher contrast level compared to LCD TV so LED TV can produce better quality picture.
    • Have slim design. LED TV is design with a 2.5 cm thickness.
    • Be friendlier environment because this television’s material can be recycled.
    • Need lower electricity power about 20%-30% compared to LCD TV.
    • Have various powerful features, such as: digital TV Tuner, digital picture process, and many more.

    Disadvantage of LED TV is:

    • Have 20% more expensive price than LCD TV. Price range of LED TV is from USD 200 to USD 8,199.00.

Anyway, which one that matches with your taste and budget? Whatever your choice, don’t forget to equip your television with a TV stand from Stands and Mounts that also provides monitor stands so you can enjoy watching movies or TV programs that you like.

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